Jolly Kopperschmidts German Band  


About Us




  1. A 6 Piece Professional Bavarian Orchestra with trombone and/or flutes, trumpets, accordion, drums & tuba.


  1. We educate and familiarize Audiences with the History of Oktoberfest/Volkfests.


  1. Introduction of Your Event/Organization:

Your Event activities, contests, raffles, sponsors, etc.

(Retail sponsors can defray cost with Advertising funds! Let us help you!)


Possible Contests:

  • Yodeling

  • Stein Holding

  • Cake Eating

  • Chicken Dance

  • Musikal Chairs

  • Best costume



Other Activities:


* Traditional Marches,Waltzes, Tanzas. Polkas => Ziller Teller and Schu Platter

* Oktoberfest Grand Entrance of the Prince and Princess, Landlords and Brewers

* Opening Ceremony: Tapping of the first keg 'O'zapft is!' march

* Oktoberfest Costume and Rifleman's Parade

* Ein Prosit Toast

* Zicky, Zacky Cheer

* Ole, Ole! Theme Song


4. We have an extensive song book of over 200 tunes, which contains:

    * Baverian traditional songs

    * Special composed Historic German Folk songs

Plus, traditional American/Popular/Jazz tunes




Other accommodations we provide:


  • Master of Ceremonies with Professional digital wireless sound system

  • Oktoberfest/Volksfest event with traditional costumes (lederhosen/dirndl dress)

  • Sing-Alongs

  • Interactive programs for adults and children..

  • And Roaming Tuba! Ja!


Ach du Lieber! Das ist mein Tuba Tanzen!


Tuba Aerobics!


 23 years at Harpoon Brewery (Boston)

 a few words from Harpoon management :


"We celebrated our 17th annual Harpoon Octoberfest in Boston over the weekend of Sept. 29 and 30, 2006. We were very happy to have so many people here at the brewery to celebrate the fall season with a little fresh Harpoon and a whole lot of oompah! Over the two days, we poured hundreds of barrels of Harpoon to over 14,000 people. Holy lederhosen! "